Approved Proposals

Fiscal Year Project Name
2018 3D BodyViz anatomy software
2018 A Schoolyard Sensing Kit for Teachers & Students
2018 ArcGis Lab – a Required Skill for all HBOI Students
2018 Assistive Technology Accessibility Lab Equipment Proposal
2018 Audio Visual Installation for EW130 Computer Lab
2018 Baby/child high-fidelity patient simulator
2018 Biology Computer and Microscope Replacements in teaching labs
2018 Building on the Mobility Success in the CDSI Advising Center
2018 College of Education - AV Classroom Upgrades
2018 Digital Presentation Transformation of Architecture Studios
2018 EE96 3d Printer Upgrades and Replacements
2018 EE96-205 Engineering Inventory: Sensor, Microcontroller, Robotics
2018 Exercise, Fitness and Sports Monitoring System
2018 Expansion of Architectural Computer Lab at FAU Ft. Lauderdale
2018 Expansion of technological enhancements to animal research training
2018 Family Engagement Portal
2018 FAU Voice Science Laboratory
2018 GIS Data Visualization Tool
2018 Headphones at the SACAE
2018 Integration of Excel certification exams into ISM 3011 (Management Information Systems)
2018 Ivy Chat-bot, customizable, artificially intelligent agent that improves the operating efficiency through its online presence, t
2018 Jupiter Campus MakerSpace
2018 License Renewal for SCMS Shared Media Lab
2018 Lobby Central
2018 Math Computer Labs - Upgrade 2019
2018 Medical Virtual Reality (VR) Lab
2018 Multi-function scanner, printer, copier for FOR UG and GRAD students
2018 NU208-Computers upgrade
2018 Plotter for Engineering Plans
2018 Political Science Research and Methods Lab
2018 Presentation Screen for Student Training in SAS Assistive Technology Resource Center
2018 Production Studio Computer Extension
2018 Replace Unusable Computers
2018 Replacement Scannx Book ScanCenters in Student Computer Areas
2018 Replacement Student PCs
2018 SE 150 Math Emporium
2018 Serving Students Through Replacement of Outdated Technology in FAU Downtown Fort Lauderdale Campus' MetroLAB
2018 Student Accessibility for Accommodated Testing Proposal
2018 Student research hub for quantitative and qualitative data analysis
2018 Student Success and Retention Resource Center
2018 The innovative laboratory site to enhance research experience through discovery for undergraduates.
2018 University Advising Services (UAS) – Students in Transition Hardware Support
2018 University Theatre Technology upgrade
2018 Upgrade Student Study Room AirMedias
2018 Using Augmented Reality for Design and Fabrication
2018 Using VR Technology & Active Learning Displays to Enhance Student Learning in the Science Learning Center in the Center for Tea
2018 Visit Days
2018 VR-AR-MR-Games Upgrade for Multimedia Studies Labs
2017 A Portable HandHeld High-Speed Camera for Visualization
2017 Acquisition of optogenetics equipment for the Genetics Lab
2017 ADA Student Workstation Upgrades
2017 AH 205 smart-classroom technology upgrade
2017 American Indian Histories and Cultures
2017 ArcGIS for Server
2017 Behavioral Science Videoconference Rooms
2017 Biological Sciences High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Facility Proposal
2017 Body Weight Scale for the Exercise Science Labs and Research
2017 Campus Wide Accessibility Software License Renewal Proposal
2017 CDSI Advising Center Mobility Proposal
2017 Centralized Student File Server
2017 CHEM Catalyst 2.0
2017 Class Piano Lab
2017 Cloud Based Virtual Computer Lab
2017 Collaborative proposal between the Departments of Geosciences and Anthropology to expand undergraduate hands-on training by inco
2017 College of Education - Classroom Tech Upgrades
2017 College of Education Student Success Resource Center
2017 Computer Lab Needs Computers
2017 Computer replacement for Beahvioral Science (Labs 103 and 108)
2017 Creation of a post-production audio lab in Al-138
2017 Critical Thinking Institute Lab
2017 Drop-in Tutoring Que for Successful Student Support in Math
2017 e-Anatomy, the interactive atlas of human anatomy
2017 eClassroom Upgrade and Installation
2017 EE96.203 Mediasite Lecture Capture w/ backup
2017 Electronic Cycle Ergometers for Labs and Research
2017 Electronic Textbook Collection
2017 Engineering Design Laboratory for Active Engaged Learning - Phase 2
2017 Engineering Equipment Checkout, Power Management & Safety Lockout Using IoT
2017 Engineering Teradici Cloud License
2017 Engineering VDI Servers
2017 Engineering VMware License Upgrade
2017 Enhancing Learning for Biology Students
2017 Enhancing Undergraduate Teaching and Research by Hands-On Learning Using Fluorescence Microscopy
2017 Expand the Student Macintosh Area in LY 215 (Library Computer Commons)
2017 FAU Accessible Format Materials Portal Continuation Proposal
2017 Geosciences Instructional Laboratory Technology Upgrade
2017 HBOI Graduate Student Request for Poster Printer
2017 iClicker Reef Polling
2017 IPads for Communication Sciences and Disorders
2017 Jupiter Campus Makerspace
2017 Laboratory Computers in Exercise Science
2017 Light Board
2017 Metabolic testing equipment for exercise science labs and research
2017 Multi-function Scanner/copier for Student Accessibility Services
2017 Multimedia Equipment Boca Campus
2017 Necessary Tools for Teaching
2017 New Computers for 303G
2017 NMR Automation: Autosampler for high-throughput NMR data acquisition to enhance STEM learning
2017 Observation Rooms in 117A & 117B
2017 One Button Studio
2017 Peer Coaching Center
2017 Presentation Monitor for the 5th Floor of the Boca Raton Campus Library
2017 Replacement and New Student iPads for Checkout
2017 Replacement Student PCs
2017 SACAE - Technology Requests - Laptop
2017 Sage Deep Backfiles
2017 SAS Accommodated Testing for Students with Disabilities Technology Proposal
2017 Server OS based off-campus desktops for eLearning courses
2017 Sport Performance Technology System
2017 Student Accessibility Hardware and Software Renewal Proposal
2017 Technology to Enhance Students' Career Development & Employability
2017 The Small World Initiative at FAU: Up Close and Personal
2017 Two Apples walk into a Sculpture Studio
2017 UG: Student Lab Cameras
2017 UG: Student Lab Printer
2017 Ultramodern Mass Spectrometry system for Chemistry and Biochemistry Students
2017 University Theater Live Streaming System
2017 Upgrade the TV in the Lobby of the Boca Raton Campus Library
2017 Using a Rheometer to educate undergraduate/graduate with a material's rheological behaviour
2017 VR Upgrade for Multimedia Studies Labs
2017 Women’s Studies Archive: Women’s Issues and Identities
2016 3D Laser Scanning and Processing Software
2016 Acquisition of a real-time qPCR instrument to enhance biotechnology and bioengineering teaching and training
2016 Acquisition of NanoDrop instrument to enhance biotechnology and bioengineering teaching and training
2016 Advancing FAU Pillars and Platforms through High-Resolution Tissue Respirometry
2016 AH 206 Technology Update
2016 Analytical and Research tools for Students and Researchers
2016 Aquisition of a MR-400 MHz to Foster the Next Generation of Skilled STEM Students from FAU
2016 Bio-telemetry for Terrapin Research, Wildlife Teaching and Institutional Collaboration
2016 Bring the Amazon and Microsoft Cloud to FAU Students
2016 College of Medicine - Digital Library
2016 Computer replacement for the student assistance areas of the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Scholarship Resource Center
2016 Data and Vehicular Communications Lab (Tecore Networks Lab FAU) – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/Drones)
2016 Department of Music E-Classroom AV Upgrade
2016 Digital Signage Upgrade & Expansion at FAU Broward Campuses
2016 Digitalia Hispánica/JSTOR
2016 Distinction through Discovery with Student Field Research, Enhanced Technologies, and Data Management.
2016 EE96-208 Fundementals & Senior Design Lab: Equipment Upgrade - Computers & Logic Analyzer
2016 Elsevier Encyclopedias
2016 Engaging Students Remotely
2016 Engineering Design Laboratory for Active Engaged Learning
2016 Enhancing Exercise Science students education and expanding research opportunities
2016 Enhancing Teaching using Field Labs in Environmental Analyses
2016 Enhancing teh hands-on and research experience with Motion Analysis Software
2016 Expanding hands-on and research experience with Electromyography (EMG)
2016 Extending Engineering Cloud Desktops for 3 years
2016 FAU Bioacoustics Hub: Equipment to Enhance Technology-driven Education and Research Training
2016 FPGA boards for undergraduate course on Advanced Digital Systems Design.
2016 HD-Video projector / Doc Camera, Graphic Design BFA Program (Boca)
2016 High Performance Student Storage Server
2016 Infrared Visualization Tool
2016 Interactive Collaboration System for Geomatics Engineering Laboratory
2016 JSTOR Arts & Sciences, Collections XIV and XV
2016 Math Student Success
2016 Mobile Advise
2016 New Computers for LA 340 - Graphic Design Lab
2016 Note Taking Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities
2016 Pediatric Simulator & Replay/LearningSpace Software
2016 Plate Pouring Equipment for the Small World Initiative at FAU
2016 Plum Analytics
2016 Project to bring videoconferencing capability to Behavioral Sciences
2016 Proposal for Continuation of University-Wide Assistive Technology Software
2016 Replacement PCs and Laptops for Students and New iMacs for the Graduate Study Lounge
2016 Robots for Capstone Engineering Design Courses
2016 Scanner for accessible alternative text production to serve students with print disabilities
2016 Smart Classroom for VA107Sculpture Studio
2016 Solidworks Campus License for FAU
2016 Student Accessibility Services Testing Area Equipment Proposal
2016 Studio II Conversion to LED based lighing equipment
2016 Study Rooms/Graduate Study Lounge Collaborative Technology Upgrades for the Boca Raton Campus Library
2016 Suite Upgrade
2016 Technological Advancements for Setting-Up Bioengineering Laboratory (part 1.)
2016 Technological Advancements for Setting-Up Bioengineering Laboratory (part 2.)
2016 UG Student Computer Lab
2016 University-Wide Closed Captioning Appliance Accessibility Proposal
2016 VerMat - a Versatile Mathematics Lab
2016 Visual Arts Studio & Lecture Series E-Classroom Upgrade, VA105
2015 21st Century Learning and Feedback
2015 3-D Geovisualization Lab upgrades
2015 3-D Printer for HBOI
2015 3D Printing Capacity for Capstone Engineering Design Courses
2015 Accessible Reading initiative for Students with Print Disabilities
2015 Acquisition of an Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) Instrument for Enhancing Undergraduate Education and Research Training
2015 Acquisition of remote sensing equipment for interdisciplinary primatology lab
2015 ADA Hardware and Software Upgrades
2015 Addition of computers for General Chemistry classes
2015 Adobe Pro for student documents
2015 Advanced Birthing Simulator
2015 Augmented Reality Trail Guides
2015 Biomedical Engineering Society - Bionic Glove Project
2015 Bridging Gaps via eLearning for STEM Student Success
2015 CES Technology Enrichment Program for Pre-Collegiate and FAU students at Riverwoods Field Lab and DuPuis Nature Center
2015 Collaboration Station for Geosciences
2015 College Advising Offices Technology Enhancement for Student Success
2015 Computers for Education Student Lab
2015 Credo Information Literacy Modules
2015 CU 249 Sociology proposal
2015 Data Analysis Tools for Researchers and Students
2015 Device Charging Picnic Table
2015 Digital Campus by Swank Motion Pictures
2015 EE96-205 & 205A Electronics Lab Upgrade: Oscilloscope with built-in Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer & Function Generator
2015 Engineering Inventory: Sensor, Microcontroller, Robotics
2015 Engineering Portable Electronics Labs
2015 Engineering Undergraduate Research Collaboration Stations
2015 Enhance Honors: upgrading Wilkes Honors College Admissions office
2015 Enhancing “Connections” first year student Mentoring Program via iPads
2015 Expanding Access to the AMPLab
2015 Expanding undergraduate hands-on training in Field Geophysics in the Geosciences curriculum
2015 FAU Virtual Tour - Renewal
2015 Gaussian Software for FAU High Performance Computing
2015 i>clicker 7 and REEF Licenses for College of Medicine Classrooms
2015 iMFAMH 3D Digital Design Labs
2015 Improving Math Student Success
2015 Improving Student Engagement and Retention via Mentoring Program Software
2015 Incorporation of an automated, computer-driven microwave synthesizer to enrich student education and training in Chemistry, Biot
2015 Interactiive Jupiter
2015 Interactive Kiosk
2015 LA 303G Smart Classroom System
2015 Large Format Printing and Scanning
2015 Lobby Central: Reaching New Heights in Customer Service
2015 Mac Laptops and Cooling Pads
2015 Major Knowledge and FAU Career Center Enhancements
2015 Math Seminar Room
2015 Medical Physics Laboratory IV
2015 MTEn MFA Lab - Broward
2015 Multiphysics Simulation Workstation
2015 Obtaining Accurate Environmental Data from the Boca Raton Beach
2015 Philosophy SO 283 - Classroom Tech Upgrade
2015 Political Science Technology Fee Proposal
2015 Portable Interactive Whiteboards
2015 Projecting STEM
2015 Replacement PC's and iMacs
2015 Scholarship Applications: Maximizing the impact on students of our 44 FAU Institutional Scholarships
2015 Self-Service Cloud
2015 Site License for Mathematica
2015 Smart Phone Apps for Smart and Connected Health
2015 Social Science and Social Entrepreneurship Workspace
2015 Solidworks Electrical Pro
2015 Springer E-book Collections
2015 Springer E-journal archives
2015 Student Accessibility Services Assistive Technology Resource Center Equipment Renewal Proposal
2015 Student Accessibility Services student testing area tech fee proposal
2015 SuperLab for Undergraduate Research
2015 Tablets to support students at events
2015 Tech Tools for the School of Accounting's Advising and Admissions Initiatives
2015 Technology Fee Proposal for the Student-Athlete Center Enhancement
2015 Technology for Graduate Student Success
2015 Technology to Enhance FAU Animal research
2015 Trazer Sport Simulator
2015 UAS: Completing our Student Technology Vision
2015 USB Charging Stations for Portable Devices in Engineering East & West
2015 Video conferencing for LY 177
2015 Virtual Apps for Online Instructional Technology M.Ed.
2014 Acquisition of a real-time quantitative PCR instrument for teaching laboratories to enhance biotechnology teaching and training
2014 Acquisition of RTK Global Positioning Units
2014 Admissions Theater and Lobby
2014 APA Books E-Collections
2014 Biometrics Lab
2014 Broward Student Success Center Technology
2014 Browzine
2014 Cloud Application and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Upgrades
2014 Collaborative learning using SKIES for Engineers
2014 College of Science a new 3D Printing Center
2014 Communication Systems Laboratory Upgrade
2014 Computerized Spectroscopic Technologies to Enhance Student Education and Training in Chemistry
2014 Creation of a networked computer music lab (AH117 & AH109)
2014 CTL Technology for Student Success
2014 CU 321/A Smart Classroom Upgrade
2014 Data Acquisition in Undergraduate Engineering Education
2014 Digitization of FAU’s Print Theses and Dissertations Collection
2014 Doctoral Lab
2014 Education E-Classroom Upgrades ED313 & FH11A
2014 EE208 AV Upgrade
2014 EE209 AV Upgrade
2014 EE210 AV Upgrade
2014 EEG and EMG Utilized for the Study of Stress and Human Behavior
2014 Elsevier E-Book Frontlist Collections
2014 Engineering Lab I Software and Hardware Upgrade
2014 Enhanced Multimedia Marketing & Major KnOWLedge-Virtual Early Career Exploration Videos – Career Development Center
2014 Enhancing Multiple Curricula through 3D Scanning and Visualization Technology
2014 Enhancing Student Advising through Tablet Technology
2014 Enhancing Undergraduate Education and Expanding Research Opportunities Through Long Term Studies
2014 Enriching Undergraduate Educational and Professional Experience In Biotechnology And Molecular Biology
2014 Equipment for the LLCL Acoustic Research Lab
2014 FAU Campus Wide Accessible and Alternative Format Materials Initiative
2014 Finite Element Lab Hardware and Software
2014 Get Wise Gets Tech Overhaul
2014 High Capacity Design & Computing Lab - Broward
2014 iMac ADA Station and Scanner
2014 Immersive Environment for Collaboration
2014 Incorporating undergraduate hands-on training in seismic methods in Geosciences
2014 Innovation in Muscle Physiology Analysis
2014 Interdisciplinary Multimedia Fine Art (Scientific/Medical Illustration) & Medical Humanities (iMFAMH) Labs
2014 iPads for Student Checkout
2014 Laboratory for IFP Course ``Unmanned Airel Vehicles: Science and Society''
2014 Laptops, MacBooks, and Charging Carts for the Harbor Branch Campus Library
2014 Livescribe digital pen continuation initiative for students with disabilities
2014 Mathematical Sciences Computer Lab for MAC 2233
2014 Mathematical Sciences Teaching Lab-SE350-Upgrade
2014 Matlab Distributed Computing
2014 Mobile Device Charging Stations
2014 Mobile Hydrometeorological Observation Systems
2014 Neuromuscular and concussion technology (Equi-test) upgrade for the Exercise Science Performance Lab
2014 New Student Enrollment/Retention Support System - Phase Two
2014 OSD Assistive Technology Hoardware and Software Proposal
2014 Oxford Bibliographies Online (Oxford UP) - 5 Bibliographies
2014 Proposal for Emotion and Psychopathology Lab Computers
2014 Proposal to upgrade AL 346
2014 Replace Computers in UCEW labs in Davie and Jupiter
2014 Replace UCEW lab computers
2014 Replacement Public PCs
2014 Replacement Public PCs for the Jupiter Campus Library Computer Lab
2014 Research and Program Evaluation Software and Ph.D. Student Research Laboratory in CDSI
2014 Sculpture Area Technology Integration
2014 SE 417 e-Learning Classroom upgrade
2014 Social Work Classroom Equipment Update Proposal
2014 Student Academic Services iPads for Students
2014 Student labs desktop upgrades
2014 Student Multi-Media Presentation & Collaboration Studio
2014 Student Server Expansion
2014 Student Storage Expansion
2014 Tablets for Graduate/Undergraduate Research in Augmented Reality & Mobile GIS
2014 Technology Fee Proposal To Enhance Advising for Student-Athletes
2014 The Springer Electronic Journal Archives
2014 University Galleries Student Lab 2014-2015
2014 Unmanned Aerial Rapid Terrain Mapping System
2014 Upgrade of the Department of Chemistry Videoconferencing Equipment
2014 Upgrading AH 104 to e-classroom standards
2014 Using Item Analysis software to Examine Students' Progress
2014 Virtual Design Space for the Engineering Graphics Course
2014 VMware Software Upgrades
2014 WiFi for the FAU Preserve
2013 "FAU SPEAKS" : LLCL Acoustic Research Laboratory
2013 3D Printing for Geosciences
2013 ADA Hardware and Software
2013 AH 105 e-classroom technology
2013 AH-117 E-Classroom Upgrade
2013 An Innovative Technology Enhancement: Vascular Ultrasound System
2013 AVON: Academic Video Online: Premium from Alexander Street Press
2013 Biological Sciences Flow Cytometry Core Facility Proposal
2013 Building up an eye-tracking research laboratory
2013 Campus-wide Computer Lab Accessibility Proposal
2013 Ceramics Area Technology Integration
2013 Cloud Desktop Servers
2013 Cloud Desktop Software Licenses
2013 College of Education New Student Enrollment/Retention Support System
2013 College of Engineering and Computer Science :Storage and Networking
2013 Computer Cluster for Math Dept
2013 Control System Lab Software and Hardware Update
2013 Create a smart classroom in VA 116
2013 CU 301 smart classroom technology
2013 D&B Key Business Ratio Archives
2013 Database Server
2013 Devices for measuring implicit behavior in social conflict and reconciliation
2013 Digital Recording Studio and Emerging Technology Devices for the Jupiter Campus Library
2013 Dual Projectors for Psychology Lab
2013 Education E-Classrooms Upgrades
2013 EE203 Audio Visual Upgrade
2013 EE207 Audio Visual Upgrade
2013 EE213 Audio Visual Upgrade
2013 EEG Lab Analysis Software
2013 Electrophysiology Technology Upgrade for FAU Neuropsychology Laboratory at Davie campus
2013 Enhancing Tutoring through Technology
2013 Expanding the Capacity of Cloud Computing Server
2013 Eye-tracking Equipment for Multimedia Lab
2013 Florida Scholarship Online/MIT Press Scholarship Online (E-books from Oxford University Press)
2013 Hearing Screening
2013 High Performance Storage Server fo eLearning coures
2013 IMMERSE: Infrastructure for Modern Mathematical Exploration, Research and Software Experimentation
2013 Incorporating Interface Devices and Computers for General Chemistry Teaching Labs
2013 Informational and Interactive Flat Screen Student Interface
2013 Interdisicplinary Visual Arts and Digital Humanities (iVADH) Lab - Phase II
2013 International Programs: Study Abroad Education, preparation, and safey
2013 iPad Sync and Charge Solution
2013 Laboratory System of Fluid Friction in Pipes with Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA)
2013 Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Science
2013 LIFELINE HIGH-TECH CLASSROOM – Envisioning a 21st Century Classroom to Promote American Innovation and Foster S.T.E.M.-Related I
2013 Maker Lab in the Dept. of Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2013 Medical Physics Laboratory III
2013 MMJ Audio Labs - Broward
2013 Mobile Mapping System
2013 New electronic scale for Exercise Science Lab
2013 Office for Students with Disabilities Testing Room Security Camera System
2013 Optimization of Student Advising through Tablet Technology
2013 Production Studio Upgrade - Phase I
2013 PS228 Chemistry Computer Lab Upgrade
2013 Qualtrics and other technological advancements for the College of Science, Social Development Lab
2013 Replacement Public PCs
2013 Simulator for Professional Practice Lab
2013 Smart Classroom
2013 Smartmusic Workstations for the Department of Music
2013 Springer Journal Archives, Behavioral Sciences
2013 SR 139 Student Services Suite
2013 STEM Education with STM
2013 Student by Student Vidoe Series Production - Creating Responsible and Knowledgeable Financial Aid Borrowers at FAU
2013 Studio A & B software/hardware upgrades
2013 Studying and designing user experience: psychological aspects of human machine interaction
2013 SU 80 Digital Signage
2013 Tablets for Mobile Data Collection
2013 Technology Assisted Learning in Outdoor Natural Surroundings (TALONS)
2013 Technology Fee Proposal for Hardware for the Office for Students with Disabilities
2013 Technology Fee Proposal for Software for the Office for Students with Disabilities
2013 Technology to Enhance FAU Behavioral Neurophysiology Lab
2013 Upgrade experimental modern physics lab and physical electronics lab
2013 Using modern technology to monitor and study wild primate populations
2013 VA 115 Lab classroom upgrade
2013 vGPU Enhancements for VDI Lab
2013 Virtual Apple & iPad Development Lab
2013 VPT Classroom Upgrade - Boca Campus
2013 Web Based Career Exploration & Student Check-in Module for In Office & Career Events
2013 WGSS Student Center and Seminar Room
2013 X-Ray Technologies for Teaching and Undergraduate Research